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About LOOP

LOOP stands for Low-carbon Office Operation Programme. The programme has been established to enable Hong Kong companies and organisations to become part of the solution to climate change. Please click here to download the LOOP factsheet.

By participating in LOOP, companies or organisations are engaged with a group of like-minded forward-looking leaders to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions generated from office operation via the adoption of managerial and technological best practices, staff behavioural adaptation, and a labelling scheme.

LOOP companies or organisations can access a tool-kit that allows the measurement and analysis of the carbon performance of an office, formulation of emissions reduction strategy, and reporting on their improved carbon performance.  To learn more about LOOP online application tool, please click here.

                                                   4C to combat climate change



Action from Company / Organisation







1.   Commit to act on climate change 

2.    Appraise current situation 

3.    Identify opportunity for emissions     reduction

4.    Formulate climate policy, strategy and action plan

1.    Self Evaluation Questionnaire 

2.    Low Carbon Office Guide

1.    Define organisational boundary 

2.    Build greenhouse gas inventory list 

3.    Calculate greenhouse gas emissions generated from office operations 

4.    Set up baseline measurement 

5.    Monitor carbon performance

1.     “GHG-easy” calculation*

2.     “GHG-easy” report



1.    Set up reduction target 

2.    Implement action plan to improve carbon performance

3.   Encourage staff to participate in the whole process 

4.    Commission third party verification and certification

1.    “GHG-easy” report

2.    LOOP Best Practice Sharing Seminar

3.    Low Carbon Living Appliances Guide 

4.    Self Evaluation Questionnaire 

5.    LOOP Labelling Scheme

1.    Engage staff to take action on carbon emissions reduction 

2.    Encourage business partners to participate in LOOP 

3.    Communicate company's carbon performance with staff  

4.    Disseminate company's carbon performance in public speaking, media advertising or annual report

1.    LOOP Best Practice Sharing Seminar 

2.    LOOP Labelling Scheme


* "GHG-easy" calculation is an online tool built to international standard Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. "GHG-easy" calculation allows monthly monitoring of office’s carbon footprint with detailed analysis / reports. LOOP companies or organisations are provided with sign in passwords to access their own dataset. 

 LOOP Assessment Area


Scope 1: Direct Emissions: Company vehicles

Scope 2: Indirect Emission: Lighting, computer, office equipment, HVAC

Scope 3: Other Indirect Emission: Paper use, water consumption, business travel, staff commuting