Low-Carbon Changemaker (LCC) Election

The Low Carbon Changemaker Toolkit launched last December has been downloaded more than 1600 times. In a continuing effort to inspire more low-carbon staff engagement activities, we have invited LOOP companies to share their experience on implementing the environmental practices and staff engagement activities. Now, it is your turn. We are now inviting you to express your opinions on the inspiring practices. You can vote for your favorite/ the most innovative staff engagement activities with the number of stars, in addition to, leave your comment/ suggestion in the box. (Timeline: on or before 10 December).

After the election, Six Low Carbon Changemaker will be awarded, including:

(1) Top 3 ''Total Views'' entries of the election period (From 7 Nov to 10 Dec 2016)

(2) The Most Starry: The staff engagement activity that gets the highest number in ''Total Rating''.

(3) The Most Inspiring: The staff engagement activity that receives the longest comment chain.

(4) The Most Impactful: The staff engagement activity that generates the greatest reduction of carbon emissions, whether it is the per capita, aggregate or percentage reduction.

A Certificate of Appreciation will be presented to the awarded Low Carbon Changemakers in recognition of their great effort in promoting the low-carbon lifestyle and “environmental-positive” behaviours. For those who participated in the voting process will automatically enter into a lucky draw for 30 guided tours to Zero Carbon Building, award winner of the Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards for 2016.

Please see the staff engagement activities and vote here now! You can share and encourage your colleagues, customers, business associates, family members or friends to join this as well.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via loop@wwf.org.hk or 2161 9655.