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LOOP resource centre is an open platform for companies and other organisations to share knowledge and best practice in climate change mitigation and adaptation, in particular office operations and general management practices. LOOP will facilitate discussion on a wide spectrum of topics such as energy efficiency technology, business travel optimization and staff engagement activities.

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Office Tour

WWF-Hong Kong Kwai Hing Office - 16 March 2018 [Successfully held!]

Kingfisher Asia Limited - 12 March 2018 [Successfully held!]

WTT HK Limited Office Tour

*sucessfully organized on 13 July 2017

WWF Kwai Hing Office 

*sucessfully organized on 18 & 28 Oct 2016

Upcoming seminar & workshop

LOOP Seminar: Avoid “greenwashing”, focus on facts and figures surrounding your environmental achievements - 30 May 2018 [Successfully held!]

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Seminars in 2016

WWF Business Seminar – Seminar on the ESG Reporting and Carbon Disclosure

WWF Business Seminar – Tracking Carbon for ESG Disclosure

Preparing your first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report

Seminars in 2009-2016

Click here for more details of the past seminar


Low-carbon Office Operation Programme Reports



Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) Verification Results Highlights



Short Clip with voice over 

Guest Sharing on Best Practice

Kai Shing Management Services Ltd. ─ Millenium City 5

2016: Download here

2015: Download here  

2014: Download here    

2013: Download here  

2012: Download here

Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) Report  

2011: Download here

2010: Download here 

Carbon Performance Highlights 

2010/2011: Download here


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Best Practice Sharing

General Practice

1.  Otto International (Hong Kong) Limited completed a successful campaign to reduce bottled water consumption. See how it works!


1.  The sharing of technology use in Jebsen & Co. Ltd.  

Download now !

2.  The Hong Kong Broadband bbTV reported how Knight Frank implements low carbon practice in their office.

Click here to view! (Only in Chinese)


Behavioural Adaptation

1.   WWF Climateers Revolutionize Your office, Start Climateering at Work. Click here to view!

2.   Leadership Office TVC. Click here to view!

Share your practice, send details to loop@wwf.org.hk or upload here

Net-Zero Carbon Roadmap

How to become a low-carbon office?

 Watch two videos produced by LOOP summer interns :


The commercial sector is the largest energy user in Hong Kong, so companies in Hong Kong act as an important role in reducing carbon footprint.  In order to encourage companies to start their “net zero journeys”, seven promotional videos were prepared to demonstrate how to “Achieve Net Zero Carbon with 7 spheres of action”. Many companies did very well in carbon reduction and it would be appreciated if they continue their journeys and reach "Net-Zero Carbon"! 

7 spheres of actions to achieve “Net-Zero Carbon”

Nurturing a sustainability mind-set in employees

Encouraging low-carbon habits


Talking about management policy and carbon reduction goals

Zooming in on energy efficiency investment

Exploiting opportunities for refurbishment, retrofitting and renovation

Reaching out to communities and stakeholders

Offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with renewable energy projects

Share your practice, send details to loop@wwf.org.hk or upload here


"Be part of a low carbon office" Posters 

Poster 1

Poster 2 Poster 3 Poster 4


Staff awareness posters created by LOOP company 

Knight Frank

Set 1


 Poster 1

  Poster 2   Poster 3 Poster 4 Poster 5

Set 2

Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3 Poster 4 Poster 5

Set 3

Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3 Poster 4 Poster 5